Tube Tamer - All the tone, at any volume!

Tube Tamer allows you to enjoy the full tonal characteristics of your valve amp, without annoying anyone.

How Does It Work?

Valve amps sound great when they are turned up loud, but this is not always practical. Tube Tamer allows you crank your amp up to it's "sweet spot" and then drop the volume, by converting a variable portion of the unwanted energy into heat. Connect your Tube Tamer between your amp and cab, select the impedance of the amp on the rotary switch and turn the "Attenuation" dial to drop the decibels! Turn the "Attenuation" dial all the way, unplug your speaker and Tube Tamer becomes a silent, safe load for testing amps.

Switch In The Right Tone

If your sound is too muddy at high attenuation levels, boost your treble with the 2 position "treble boost" switch. Either 3dB @ 4kHz, or 6dB @ 8kHz.


  • Applications

    Suitable for 4, 8 and 16 ohm tube/valve amps.

    Safe for use on amps rated up to 120W RMS.

  • Features

    Amp Impedance selector (4, 8 & 16 ohms).

    2 position Treble Boost selector (3dB at 4kHz & 6dB at 8kHz).

    Solid Attenuation dial with pointer (0-100%).

    Brushed Aluminium Traffalite engraved faceplate.

    Rear panel mounted 1/4" TS jacks for connecting between speaker and amp.